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In Sword Saga you will tell the story of a weapon, from its creation to when it stops being used. This weapon exists in a changing era, and will bear witness to momentous events, if not participate in them. It shall see much use, undergo change, and be judged by history for its part.

You will need a six sided die, and some means of recording your tale.

Sword Saga was created for the Legacy Jam, exploring ideas of succession, consequence, and time. You can find more information on the game jam and see other submissions at https://itch.io/jam/legacy-jam/

Sword Saga is partially inspired by the song “Those Hands” by the band Lindby for episode 25 of their Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast Bombarded. They can be found at https://bombardedcast.com/ and https://bombarded.bandcamp.com/


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