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A Christmas Belonging gives you snow covered landscapes, quaint small towns, and the low stakes high drama experience of a made-for-TV Christmas movie. Recreate those cheerful stories of romance and family drama in this collaborative, zero-prep RPG. 

This game is designed for light stories and short term play.  You can quickly create characters, put them in dramatic situations, and find their happy ending in just a few hours. Whether you're looking for a game you can play with your non-gamer family, or just want to take a break from mazes and monsters, this is the game for you!

* No Dice, No Masters - Write a collaborative story, with no dice roll or game masters telling you how.
* Part romantic comedy, part family drama, all holiday spirit!
* Play Christmas movie tropes like the Small Town Hottie, Event Planner, and Secret Royalty!
* Tell a more diverse and nuanced story than usually gets told by Christmas movies!
* Actual, literal supernatural forces!


You can listen to how character creation works, and hear about my design process, on the Character Creation Cast! While the current version of the game is somewhat different, this is still a very good look at how it works!

Episode 1: Discussion and Town Creation
Episode 2: Character Creation
Episode 3: Discussion and fanfiction


Also included are two supplements from previous years. They were made for an older version of the game, but should still mostly work!

The Christmas Switch, a scenario in the vein of holiday classics like The Princess Switch, and The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again. Two people play characters with identical appearances who agree to exchange lives for some reason!

Christmases Here, 10 pre-made towns to help you jump right into the romance and drama! 


Get this game and 118 more for $5.00 USD
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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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ACB setting elements.pdf 39 kB
Switch.pdf 5 MB
Christmases Here - 10 Towns for ACB.pdf 2 MB

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I chose to defy tradition and ran this game back in July at my local game store, and it was a blast. Our story was more weird than heartwarming mostly, but I'd watch it as a movie. Not many Christmas films out there with Belsnickel and a time traveler trying to avert a coming apocalypse and help the out-of-town event planner with the big parade all in a few days. And Lurch from the Addams Family was in there too.


I'm glad you had such a weird, fun game! Especially in the "off season" for Christmas stuff

This is such a fantastic game and perfect for the season! A lot of fun and easy to jump right in! Just had a play though yesterday and we had a lot of fun creating a heartwarming story. 

The character roles provide a lot of versitlity and guidance for play, the rituals are fun, and the Towns list provides a lot of seeds to jump into story-telling. This was my first No Dice No Masters game, but was easy to get into given the easy to read structure of the rulesbook. Highly recommend this game!

This is a lovely game that hits some wonderfully sweet spots. The ideas it conjures up just from reading the role options and example towns lend so well to so many stories told in cheesy festive films.

We made a lovely Christmas story about a city big shot finding his heart, a struggling small business owner finding his inspiration and a meddling journalist finding his literal Christmas Spirit!

Just played this with two friends and we came up with an incredible story where an Big City investor is planning on buying a small town paper crafts store and a meddling journalist (who turned out to be a christmas spirit) mediates them to remember Christmas is about family, love, and not capitalism. HIGHLY recommend as the system is very versitile and there is potential to play tons of scenarios. The only thing I'd really say is I wish there were more rituals to use to help as a backdrop for the stories. 

I think I can make that happen! Was there anything in particular you needed or thought should be there but wasn't?

It absolutely was solid, I wouldn't say anything needed to be taken away, I just wanted more rituals. idk if we were playing it right, but we were using the rituals as scenarios, or even scene intos/backdrops that helped with the story and how to progress through. 

I think that's a really neat way to do things! I like the idea of using rituals in a specific way to guide to the story's progression. I'll think about that for this year's update.

Nice game to try at Christmas thanks

i'm so exciting by this christmas romcom game! 

it seems so cool